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Friday, December 14, 2012

What is the H sticker on Oakleys?

Some Oakleys come with a sticker which has a H on them, the H simply stands for Hydrophobic.  It just means that the lenses are water resistant, so it's really good if you play some sports involving water or it's good simply when it rains as it repels water.

I know people tend to think products coming out of china is a bunch of junk, but the Ray-Bans made in china is still by them, just one is put together by the Chinese and the other by the Italians.

The Hydrophobic lenses are also "lipophobic" as well. So grease and such (oil from your hair if you put your sunglasses up on your head) should be easier to clean off the lens.

Even if a Oakley doesn't have the H sticker, it's does not always mean it isn't Hydrophobic, like the polarized lenses, some come with the P sticker and some don't even if they are polarized.

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  1. I've always been told that real oakley's never come with stickers on them. Has this changed?

  2. Some just come with stickers, also for the polarized, most have stickers with a P meaning polarized.

  3. Yes real oakleys can have stickers on the lens!!!! I have ordered from Oakley and had the polarized (P) on the lens.

  4. Oakley does not put any stickers on the lens, if they are polarized it has "polarized" etched in the bottom corner of the lens....

  5. H stickers on Oakleys means the lens is hydrophobic or will not be affected by water. P stickers mean Polarized lens and they can be in Oakley products sold in optical stores and other outlets except Sunglass Hut which officially distributes Oakleys. Both are owned by a parent firm Luxotica. I bought my Oakley Holbrook from an optical store and compared it with the ones sold in Sunglass Hut and except for the P sticker on mine, they were identical in all respect and markings.


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