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Monday, August 5, 2013

Eyewear Nerd

Costa Del Mar Sunglass Replacement Lenses

Replacement lenses are available for Costa Del Mar sunglasses, it'll be much cheaper than buying the entire frame again, maybe you have a really old style, not being made anymore, but the only thing wrong with it is the lenses? Maybe it's cracked or just really scratched up, all you need to get is the lenses, and the great thing is Costa Del Mar replacement lenses are available. 

Replacement lenses come direct from Costa Del Mar and is authentic and exactly the same as the ones you already have, no difference at all.

Here is a list of Costa Del Mar models that have replacement lenses available...
Ballast, Bill Chaser, Blackfin, Bomba, Bonita, Brine, Cabbalito, Caye, Cheeca, Cin, Cocos, Corbina, Double Haul, Fantail, Fathom, Fathom Readers, Filament, Fisch, Frigate, Gallo, Galveston, Gatun, Grand Isle, Hammerhead, Hammock,  Harpoon, Harpoon Readers, Howler, Howler Readers, Indio, Isabela, Isabela Readers, Islamorada, Jose, Lago, Las Olas, Little Harbor, Man-O-War, Manteo, Maya, Peninsula, Permit, Pescador, Pescador Readers, Rincon, Riomar, Rockport, Santa Rosa, Seadrift, Seven Mile, Seven Mile Readers, Skimmer, South Point, Stringer, Switchfoot, Swordfish, Tag, Tippet, Triple Tail, Vela Readers, Vela, Wave Killer, Wave Killer Readers, Wheelhouse, Wingman, Zane and many more!

List of available types of lenses for your Costa Del Mars...
Costa 400, Costa 400p Polycarbonate, Costa 400G Glass, Costa 580G Glass, Costa 580P Polycarbonate, Costa 580, Blue Mirror, Silver Mirror, Green Mirror, Dark Amber, Amber, Copper, Grey, Gray, Sunrise and many more.

Click this link to buy replacement lenses for your Costa Del Mar.

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