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Friday, July 26, 2013

Eyewear Nerd

Does the Ray-Ban RB 4165 Come in a Box?

The RB 4165 model does not come with a box. 
It's comes with a special case that is blue/white, comes with the Ray-Ban booklet and cloth. No box is included with this particular model, so do not expect one.

Many people believe that they are fake because of this, but that is not the case.
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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Eyewear Nerd

Where to Shop for Sunglass Replacement Lenses

Sunglass replacement lenses are available for your sunglasses. If you have either a cracked or scratched up pair of old sunglasses, why throw them away when you can easily purchase replacement lenses for your frames at a fraction of the cost of buying an entire new frame? Most sunglass replacement lenses can be easily installed yourself in a matter of minutes.
Lots of brands have authentic original sunglass replacement lenses. But you may have either a fazed out model or simply replacement lenses are not available for your particular brand of sunglasses. In this case, you can have a custom lens fitted to your frame! Sometimes this can be a cheaper alternative or maybe if you wanted like a polarized lens, but if that is not available, you could customize it to be polarized or that you would like it to have a mirror finish, so the options are endless.

There are some places online that does it or you can simply go to your optical close by you and they should be able to help you get lenses in your frame custom made for you.

But if you would prefer to have less of a hassle, buying sunglass replacement lenses would be the easier option, here is a list of sunglasses that have replacement lenses available and places you will be able to get them online.
 - eBay is a great place to buy sunglass replacement lenses because people are selling all different kinds of sunglass replacement lenses for so many different brands. Also you might get a great deal too! They literally have thousands of lenses listed on eBay.
- Here are some links for the top brands of sunglass replacement lenses...
Oakley, Ray-Ban, Persol, Prada, Nike, Arnette, Smith, Versace,
- They offer some authentic sunglass replacement lenses from the source and also they custom make a lens for your sunglasses.
- Here are some of the brands of sunglass replacement lenses they offer...
Armani, Arnette, Black Flys, Burberry, Bvlgari, Carrera, Chanel, Coach, Costa Del Mar, Dior, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Dragon, Electric, Fox, Gucci, Hoven, Hugo Boss, Jimmy Choo, Juicy Couture, Kaenon, Kate Spade, Killer Loop, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Nike, Oakley, Persol, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Ray-Ban, Smith, Spy, Tiffany, Versace and Von Zipper.
- They offer sunglass replacement lenses and also lenses for snow goggles. Here is some of the sunglass replacement lenses they offer, Native, Oakley, Smith Optics, Tifosi, Uvex, Spy, Briko, Scott, Anon, Giro, Poc, Carrera, Dragon, Von Zipper, Gordini, Marker, IS Eyewear, K2, Shred and Bolle.
 - They don't offer too many sunglass replacement lenses, but they do have some Native, Oakley and Smith sunglass replacement lenses.
- Frames Direct sells Oakley and Native sunglass replacement lenses.
- eyewear planet offers sunglass replacement lenses for Wiley X, Survival Optics, Bolle, Smith, ESS, Oakley, Bobster, Spy Optic, Revision, 5.11 Tactical, Peltor, Zeiss Optics, Pyramex, Cebe, Bausch and Lomb, Black Hawk, Radians, Vedalo HD and Walkers.

Hopefully you'll be able to find the sunglass replacement lenses that you need from our suggestion of sites.
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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Eyewear Nerd

Dolce & Gabbana DG 4167 come with a purple case?

Your be surprised to know that is correct.  It's a fuzzy looking case and has this purple color, looks to me like a pimp purple.

But the DG 4167 does come with this case, if you do not like it, you can always ask your seller if you can have a different color as they might be willing to do that for you.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Eyewear Nerd

How to Remove Scratches on eyeglass & sunglass lenses?

Sorry to say, but if a lens becomes scratched, you are pretty much out of luck. People think that you can buff it out, but that would only damage the lenses more on majority of cases as there are usually a coating of some kind on the lens.

Any lens scratches, even if it has a scratch resistant coating, lots of people think when they have a scratch resistant coating that it is scratch proof, which is not the case, like the coating says, scratch "resistant", not scratch proof. So it'll be harder to scratch the lenses, but it can still happen.

There are many articles online about removing scratches, but they may only help with minor scuffs. And if the methods do work, if you have a coating on the lens, most of those methods will ruin your coating. So try them at your own risk.
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Eyewear Nerd

Ray-Ban RB 3479 Folding Aviator Review

Finally, the RB 3479 Folding Aviators has arrived. Have waited for these for a long time, Ray-Ban did have the Folding Wayfarers for awhile, but I think lots of people just like me was waiting for the a aviator version.

So this will be a short review of the good and the bad things about the Ray-Ban RB 3479.

The Good : For one, they fold! So extremely carryable anywhere you go. Comes with a nice small case to keep they safe.

Comes both in polarized and non-polarized versions.

The Bad : I have noticed a bunch of the RB 3479 because of the way they fold, the plastic temple tips hit the metal frame when folded, causing the temple tips to have a dent on them, not the worst thing to happen. But maybe they should opt to have rubber temple tips instead of plastic.

As they fold, it does have more screws, which overtime does get loosened, but this can be simply fixed with a mini screwdriver and just have them tightened.

Overall Score (out of 5)
Look : 5 Stars
Durability : 3 Stars

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Eyewear Nerd

Dolce & Gabbana made in China?

There are changes happening, around at the end of 2012, Dolce & Gabbana announced that D&G and Dolce & Gabbana will be merged together.

For those of you that did not know, Dolce & Gabbana offers 2 lines. Dolce & Gabbana which was the high end which cost more and made in Italy, then they offer the D&G line which was there low end, they cost less and were made in China. Dolce & Gabbana model numbers started with DG and D&G started with DD.

With their current collection of Dolce & Gabbana, before it was all Italy, but now you are seeing certain models which is made in China, and they do cost less and the model numbers do start with DG, so it does seem that they have started to combine the 2 lines.

I know many of you might have thought you have a fake, but don't worry.

There is still the D&G collection, but probably what they will do will be to sell the rest of the D&G line and discontinue the line altogether, once that is complete, only the Dolce & Gabbana line will remain and the line will consist of models made in Italy or china.

Eyewear Nerd
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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Eyewear Nerd

No Authenticity Card with Prada?

You might have bought Prada sunglasses or eyeglasses online and find out the authenticity card is missing! Do not assume the item is fake, since the end of last year of 2012, the new stock seems to not include the authenticity card, I am uncertain why, first I thought they might have run out of stock and more had to be made, but its been almost 8 months since I saw a Prada come with the authenticity card.

The only 2 explanations I can come with is either they a re-designing the authenticity card and the new batch has not been created yet. But the other explanation I can think of is that they will no longer include them, if so that seems pretty damn.

If anyone out there have the real reason or other theories of why the Prada authenticity card is no longer included, pease comment below.

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Eyewear Nerd

Dita Sunglasses worn by Celebrities

Dita is worn by many celebrities, so it is extremely popular. So Dita is a brand that is pretty hard to find. They keep it exclusive by offering their products to very few retailers. So it'll be pretty hard for you to find them on the Internet if you want to pay less for them, as they do shut down accounts that sell online.

You do see some online, but usually on stores website and usually they ask for you to call them to purchase, even then it will be retail prices.

Many celebrities such as Justin Beiber, P Diddy, Usher, Halle Berry, Lauren Hill, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Russell Brand, Lindsay Lohan and so many others wear this exclusive brand.

So get with the cool. Visit Ditas official website
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Friday, July 12, 2013

Eyewear Nerd

How to Spot Fake Ray-Bans

There are several things you can do to ensure your Ray-ban sunglasses are authentic and not a fake. Hear it from an Expert and not just writing it for the fun of it.

1. I think the first thing we should clear up is that not all Ray-bans are made in Italy. What a shocker right? I think it's been put in peoples head that they are, but the fact is they are not, Luxottica is the manufacturer for Ray-bans and they have factories both in China and Italy, In Italy, they have 6 factories and 2 factories in China, most of the Ray-bans are made in Italy, but a few models are made in both countries, as it seems if the Italian factory is overwhelmed, they have the Chinese factories help.

Here is Luxottica's site that proves they have factories in China Click Here
Check out a New York Times Article that proves this An Italian Rivalry of Expertise in Glass

Some models such as the RB 3293, RB 3211, RB 3267, RB 3386, RB 3387, RB 3183, RB 3379, RB 3466, RB 8301, RB 3016, RB 3362 and so on are manufactured in both Italy and China. It really is a 50/50 chance what you'll get, but there are no difference, just one is made by the Chinese and the other Italian. But for a few of the models, you'll need luck finding ones made in Italy as some are mainly made in China.

2. Of course, if you aren't sure, you may take them to a Ray-ban retailer to check if they are authentic and not a fake, but should you trust their word?

It's a definite NO, why would you ask? because they either have no clue or they are trying to get you to buy the one in their store. Like Nordstrom, I decided to take my authentic RB 3344 to see what they thought, they looked at it for a bit, and decided to tell me "it's a high quality fake", it's exactly the same as the one in their store, nothing that was unusual, in a fake, you would be able to tell at least one thing that was off, but it being authentic, they were nothing and the only answer they wanted to give me was that they were high quality fakes, but obviously they are only telling me that because they get paid commission if they sell a frame, I don't think it's the right thing to do, but they do that to make a sell.

So unfortunately you cannot trust retailers to tell you the right answer.

If you do decide to ask a retailers opinion, go to atleast 3-4 places, trust me you'll get different answers. But at the end of the day, be smart and make up your own mind and not take everything they say as truth.

3. Your Ray-ban case should have a round golden seal on it, either printed or engraved onto the case. It should read  "100% UV Protection - Rayban - Sunglasses By Luxottica"

4. The lenses should have an etching that reads "RB", sometimes this is located on the inside or the outside of the lenses, sometimes on the right or left lens. Lot's of fakes do not have this and is a very easy way to tell if they are fakes.

But not all of them have the RB etched on the lens, the ones that don't are shields (one piece lens) such as the RB 3211, RB 3321, RB 3268 and so on, not sure why to be honest, but the only ones that have the RB etched on the lens is the ones that have pair of lenses and not a shield.

5. What should you get with your Rayban? It should come with a Rayban Box, Rayban cloth, Rayban case and a Rayban info booklet.

6. Where is the Authenticity Card? I've seen quite a few guides on spotting a fake Ray-ban and I've read they come with an authenticity card, don't listen to them, as Ray-bans has never come with any sought of authenticity card and it does not exist, so don't expect one! The closest thing would be the Black info booklet, but just shows you how to care for your shades.

7. Where is the Warranty Card? It's the same thing as the authenticity card, Ray-ban has never provided any sought of Warranty Card. If you have an issue with warranty, all you do is contact Ray-ban and if it's an authentic Ray-ban, they won't care that you have a warranty card, if you do have a warranty issue, you can find out what to do by clicking here.

8. If your sunglasses has nose pads, check them and in the middle, the metal piece should have an "RB" engraved on them, all Ray-ban nose pads have this, if it does not, you have yourself a fake Ray-ban.

Of course, if it's like a plastic frame such as the RB 2132 Wayfarers, which does not have nose pads, there would be nothing.

9. One thing I have noticed is that the cloth is always in a plastic sleeve, sometimes it has the booklet in the sleeve aswell, but every single time, the cloth is in a plastic sleeve, so if it isn't, you really should question the authenticity. Unless you bought them used of course, then this might not be the case, but if it's brand new, check that the cloth is in it's plastic sleeve.

10. If it's too good to be true, it sure is! If you see like a Ray-ban RB 3293 selling for $15 on ebay and it retails for $129.99, just be smart and realize this just doesn't add up. Most Ray-bans frames online are selling for a little over half the price of the retail price, so you may find an RB 3293 for around $85 online, so I always suggest checking the retail price first, and if it's lower than half the retail cost, it's a chance it's a fake.

Hopefully this guide was helpful to you, if so I'd appreciate comments.
Keep rockin' those shades,
Eyewear Nerd

This guide works with all the Ray-Ban models such as the RB 2015, RB 2016, RB 2027, RB 2030, RB 2128, RB 2129, 2130, RB 2132, RB 2140, RB 2143, RB 2151, RB 2157K, RB 2156, RB 3016, RB 3025, RB 3026, RB 3029, RB 3030, RB 3044, RB 3119, RB 3136, RB 3138, RB 3162, RB 3176, RB 3179, RB 3183, RB 3190, RB 3194, RB 3198, RB 3211, RB 3212, RB 3217, RB 3237, RB 3239, RB 3247, RB 3254, RB 3261, RB 3267, RB 3268, RB 3269, RB 3272, RB 3273, RB 3293, RB 3296, RB 3301, RB 3320, RB 3321, RB 3332, RB 3341, RB 3342, RB 3343, RB 3344, RB 3350, RB 3358, RB 3360, RB 3362, RB 3363, RB RB 3364, RB 3379, RB 3384, RB 3385, RB 3386, RB 3387, RB 3388, RB 3390, RB 3395, RB 3407, RB 3403, RB 3413, RB 3415Q, RB 3416Q, RB 3421, RB 3422, RB 3422Q, RB 3423, RB 3424, RB 3427, RB 3428, RB 3429, RB 3430, RB 4021, RB 4026, RB 4034, RB 4039, RB 4054, RB 4057, RB 4061, RB 4068, RB 4075, RB 4076, RB 4078, RB 4086, RB 4089, RB 4091, RB 4098, RB 4099, RB 4101, RB 4102, RB 2143, 4140, RB 6220, RB 3054, RB 1223, RB 3416, RB 2157, RB 2157K, RB 4165, RB 2017, RB 3399, RB 3136, RB 3100, RB 8076, RB 1007, RB 8368, RB 8370, RB 8371, RB 8372, RB 8373, RB 8374, RB 8375, RB 3017, RB 3018, RB 3019, RB 3020, RB 3021, RB 3022, RB 3023, RB 3024, RB 3027, RB 3029, RB 3704, RB 3705, RB 3706, RB 3707, RB 3708, RB 3709, RB 3710, RB 3711, RB 3712, RB 4324, RB 2206, RB 3427, RB 3040, RB 3034, RB 3219, RB 4405, RB 5019, RB 5021, RB 5024, RB 5025, RB 2443, RB 3054, RB 4175, RB 1886, RB 0988, RB 0619, RB 0418, RB 0565, RB 0234, RB 0593, RB 0596, RB 1, RB 2, RB 14, RB 25, RB 302, RB 30225, RB 325, RB 4105, RB RB 4107, RB 4108, RB 4109, RB 4110, RB 4113, RB 4114, RB 4115, RB 4118, RB 4119, RB 4120, RB 4121, RB 4122, RB 4123, RB 4124, RB 4125, RB 4126, RB 4126, RB 4127, RB 4128, RB 4129, RB 4131, RB 4132, RB 4135, RB 4137, RB 4138, RB 4139, RB 4140, RB 4141, RB 4147, RB 4148, RB 4149, RB 8041, RB 8301, RB 8302, RB 8303, RB 8304, RB 8305, RB 8306, RB 2168F, RB3445, RB3447, RB 3429, RB 3448, RB 3449, RB 3460, RB 3461, RB 3465, RB 3466, RB 3471, RB 3475Q, RB 3476, RB 3477, RB 3478, RB 3479, RB 3480, RB 3481, RB 3482, RB 3483, RB 3484, RB 3485, RB 4105, RB 4147, RB 4148, RB 4148F, RB 4151, RB 4151F, RB 4152, RB 4153, RB 4160, RB 4161, RB 4162, RB 4163, RB 4164, RB 4165, RB 4166, RB 4167, RB 4168, RB 4169, RB 4170, RB 4171, RB 7172, RB 4173, RB 4174, RB 4175, RB 4176, RB 4177, RB 8041, RB 8307, RB 8309, RB 8310, RB 2140F, RB 2176, RB 3025JM, RB 2140QM, RB 3475Q, RB 3478, RB 3449, RB 3466, RB 3460, RB 3447, RB 3445, RB 3429, RB 3479, RB 3501, RB 3502, RB 3506, RB 3508, RB 3507, RB 3509, RB 3510, RB 3513, RB 3513M, RB 3514, RB 3514M, RB 4101, RB 4089, RB 4068, RB 4075, RB 4061, RB 4034, RB 3519, RB 3521, RB 3521M, RB 3517, RB 3516, RB 3515, RB 4126, RB 4132, RB 4148, RB 4152, RB 4167, RB 4165, RB 4169, RB 4171, Erika, RB 4194, RB 4195, RB 4196, RB 4192, RB 4191, RB 4190, RB 4184, RB 4186, RB 4187, RB 4180, RB 4175, RB 4178, RB 4179, RB 4197, RB 4198, RB 4199, RB 4201, RB 4202, RB 4203, RB 4207, RB 4208, RB 8041, RB 8052, RB 8055, RB 8056, RB 8312, RB 8313, RB 8314, RB 8315, RB 8316, Wayfarer, Wayfarers, Original Wayfarer, New Wayfarer, Square Wayfarer, Aviator, Aviators. Clubmaster, Outdoorsman, Jackie Oh, Predator, Predator 2, Caravan, Shooter, Olympian, Cockpit, Top Bar, Road Spirit, Signet, Folding Wayfarer. Balorama, Cats 5000, Caribbean, Vagabond, Ray-Ban Tech.

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Eyewear Nerd

Do Carrera sunglasses have UV protection?

Yes all Carrera sunglasses have 100% UV protection on the lenses. Some are also polarized.

Protect yourself from the harmful Ultraviolet light.
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