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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Eyewear Nerd

What comes with the Dior Mohotani?

Many people are quick to judge the Dior Mohotani as being fake because of one big reason, that they think the case is fake.

Yes majority of the Dior's do come in the grey box with the white rectangle case, but the Dior Mohotani is in the Les Marques collection, they are a few models in this collection, they are the ones that have like a diamond looking emblem on the temples. The Mohotani's come in the thin rectangular black box and the case is like a thin grey soft pouch. Many people are quickly thinking they have received a fake because they might have gotten Dior's before but not have gotten this case before, but if you did get this box and case, it is normal, so stop freaking out and enjoy your new authentic Dior Mohotani's.

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